Janet Fry Rogers studied studio art at Colorado College and the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, art theory at the Barnes Foundation, in Merion, Pennsylvania, and drawing and design at the Royal Queensland Art Society in Australia.

Rogers style evolved from transparent watercolor realism to landscapes in oil, experimental works on paper, and silver and gold leaf on wood panels.  Her interest in using new materials led her to the noted furniture and lighting design firm Niermann Weeks, where she received training in gold and silver leafing techniques.

The major emphasis of her work is derived from all things in nature and her garden in particular.  Most of the flowers in Rogers’ contour drawings are found in the landscape around her home.

Rogers has exhibited widely in the region and has received numerous awards.  She lives and works in Annapolis, Maryland.

Artist Statement

It is easier to explain what I do in my garden than what I do when I have a paintbrush in my hand. Or perhaps I should admit the process is the same. I plant, add new color, prune, rearrange, replace, let nature take its course, design, change my mind, and wait for something beautiful to evolve. I am motivated by the joy in the process and the desire to create.