Calloway Fine Art & Consulting, founded in 1993 in the historic Georgetown neighborhood of Washington DC, specializes in contemporary art by local, regional, and international artists. Artists represented include Caroline Adams, Brad Aldridge, Carlton Fletcher, Matthew Langley, Lindsay Mullen, Jim Perry, Karen Silve, and Maggie Siner. CFAC (formerly Susan Calloway Fine Arts) offers art collectors and enthusiasts a wide range of both representational and abstract paintings and prints, as well as select photography and sculpture. 

In addition, the gallery provides extensive art consulting services, including on-site visits, for both residential and commercial clients. We are able to provide that one perfect piece, as well as outfit an entire home or commercial space, always bringing an understanding of not only the visual appeal but the true benefits to residents, customers and/or employees of providing original artwork to their environment.

CFAC is also known for its premier conservation framing services. By using all archival materials and techniques, the gallery ensures that the artwork is properly handled and “housed” for the future. By always bringing a sophisticated “eye” to the framing design and using only the highest-quality finished-corner frames, the gallery ensures that each work of art is enhanced by the final design. We also discuss where the art will be located with each client to be certain that choices made will relate to the overall space.

Susan Calloway opened her gallery in Washington DC over 26 years ago, and has since developed a following that ranges from first-time buyers to seasoned collectors who appreciate her passion for art and unerring commitment to quality. Armed only with a love of the visual arts and a great “eye”, developed by numerous trips to France, Susan started her gallery in a shared space with very little in the way of funds and absolutely no knowledge of the business. Since opening, the gallery has continuously evolved and expanded dramatically in scope.

Today the gallery is the premier location for archival framing, fine art consultation, and contemporary art in the DMV. Calloway Fine Art & Consulting always welcomes new customers and looks forward to exploring possibilities through great artwork. Come visit us in historic Georgetown today!

Open daily from 10 am to 6 pm Tuesday through Saturday.

If you would like to make an appointment after hours or on Sunday or Monday, please call (202) 965-4601.


Located in Bookhill Georgetown, at 1643 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007.

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