Consulting Services


Our consulting services are full service and we are able to help your vision come to life within any space, every step of the way. Our trained staff helps select carefully curated pieces that are harmonious with existing work and architecture to maximize the appeal and quality of spaces. We work with a range of customers from individuals to large companies. We have a large inventory of artwork in-house but also are able to contact and secure pieces from other collections.


Corporate COnsulting

Art in the workplace not only is aesthetic but it also improves the creativity of your employees and the morale of your customers. We will work with your company to make sure all aspects of your vision are executed.


Residential Consulting

Our consultants are able to work both remotely and on-site to help curate your vision to have a lasting impression. We also have an On-Approval process that allows clients to see art in their homes before making their final purchase.


Designer Consulting

Our gallery works with local and regional interior designers to help finish their clients’ visions with perfectly curated art work for their space. We are many DC designers go-to gallery to find the perfect statement piece to help complete a room.

The Return on Investment of Art 

Beyond the aesthetic value and potential monetary payback that art yields, there is considerable research that shows how art in offices and community spaces boosts productivity and morale through a positive and creative atmosphere. Calloway Fine Art & Consulting provides art consulting for commercial and residential clients in the DC area to curate art specifically for each unique space.