Pink Boogie,  Lamar Briggs, Acrylic and mixed media on canvas, Size: 60 x 60  Price: $16,000 (C7140LB)

Pink Boogie, Lamar Briggs, Acrylic and mixed media on canvas, Size: 60 x 60
Price: $16,000 (C7140LB)

Lamar Briggs:
Born and raised in Cajun Country, Louisiana, Lamar Briggs (1935–2015) gained national recognition early in his career for his acrylic abstractions. Briggs explored methods and materials in a never-ending pursuit of enigmatic color. His command of paint permitted him to execute striking, large, abstract canvases, while his advanced knowledge of printmaking allowed him to create painterly mixed-media monotypes on precious papers.

Briggs attended the University of Southern Louisiana, the University of Houston, and the Colorado Institute of Art, where he was inducted into their Hall of Fame in 2005. His impressive resume chronicles more than forty-eight years of exhibitions, and such notable collections as the Denver Art Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, Rutgers University, Rice University, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Mint Museum of Art in Charlotte, NC. He participated in over 140 group and one-man exhibitions in Canada, Mexico, England, Germany, Switzerland, and Hungary as well as throughout the United States.  

Briggs’ longevity and fame are attributed to his curiosity about the world around him and his constant experimentation in the arts. Over the years, Briggs’ talents as an abstract artist were applied to paintings, monotypes, watercolors, bronze sculpture, woodcuts, and tapestry. He is known worldwide as a colorist inspired by music and nature. His work is internationally acclaimed and he was listed in “Who’s Who in American Art” since 1962. Among the many honors he received is the “Ford Foundation” award.


My approach to art is to open myself visually to the world around me as much as possible—by reading, traveling, collecting, and just plain "seeing." Music and color “flow” for me. I paint to music and the music and rhythm speak to me more than any external experience.