Diptych,  oil on canvas, Art Size: 63 x 78¾ (31½ x 78¾ each), Price: $12,000 (C3714EE)

Diptych, oil on canvas, Art Size: 63 x 78¾ (31½ x 78¾ each), Price: $12,000 (C3714EE)


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Born in Oaxaca, Mexico, Edurne Esponda has traveled the world as both an artist and fashion designer. Edurne was introduced to the world of art at an early age by her mother, an art dealer who represents established Latin American artists such as Rodolfo Morales, Francisco Toledo, Rufino Tomayo and Sergio Hernadez. After studying at the Instituto Arte y Técnica del Vestir in Barcelona, Spain, from 1989 through 1992, Edurne designed and marketed her own line of lingerie, selling to boutiques and high-end department stores. During this period, she worked with well-known designers Joaquim Verdu and Toni Miro. In 1996, Edurne joined the fashion team of Oscar de la Renta, where she coordinated collections for eight years. In 2003, Edurne left the world of fashion to paint full time, her passion since the age of six. 

Edurne's love for non-traditional media and experimentation with canvas size and medium has led her to develop post-modern works of art, which blur the lines between visual arts and disciplines such as clothing design and gastronomy. As a painter, she looks to illustrate the fashion world in her paintings, often referencing clothing sizes and barcodes. Edurne's elongated canvases, hung in multiples, visually wink to product barcodes, communicating to her viewers how she personally codifies the world around her. As a result, the canvases symbolize her own unique code, and yet give agency to her collectors to rearrange the canvases in order to create their own. Edurne uses a vivid color palette which evokes the atmosphere of her childhood home in Oaxaca. Esponda lives and works in Mexico City.


Edurne describes her paintings as “abstract images without violence, in a harmonious world.” In a recent exhibition interview, Edurne spoke of the relation of textile design to her paintings, “I was a textile and fashion designer, thus I closely followed the contemporary trends in fashion and fabrics, in Mexico as well as in the world. There are references to the different seasons in textile design, but there are also references to the earth and the sea, to the colors in landscapes. In many instances, there is a search for oppositions in order to contrast.”