Dean Fisher has been a painter and draughtsman for over thirty years, and has exhibited extensively throughout the U.S. In the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, Dean spent eight years in Spain, France, and England copying the masters in major European museums as a form of study, while simultaneously developing his own style of work. He is the recipient of the Elizabeth Greenshields grant and numerous awards for his paintings and drawings throughout the US over the past twenty five years. Dean has taught painting at Silvermine Art Center in Connecticut for the past twelve years, and has recently been invited to teach still life painting in the summer of 2018 in Rome, Italy, through Rome Art Workshops. Dean's paintings and drawings can be found in many private and corporate collections throughout North America and Europe. Dean and his artist wife Josephine Robinson live in Milford, Connecticut.


My paintings are a response to the physical and sensual world that surrounds me, i.e., light, form, texture, air, and color. I attempt to organize my visual perceptions of these qualities into a cohesive and compelling arrangement that hopefully reflects my excitement for transforming into paint the richness of everyday, ordinary objects. I would never want to conceal from the viewer that my paintings are handmade and are essentially blobs, patches, and strokes of paint, which, when combined, coalesce and convey an illusion of the forms represented. I would like the painting to appear as if it were in the midst of being painted, while it is being viewed, thus inviting the viewer to participate in the act of painting while simultaneously allowing their mind's eye to complete the image. Ideally, I'm hopeful that my paintings will reveal some facets of the extraordinary richness, mystery, and beauty that surrounds us and that which continuously brings me back to the easel.