Alex Keto received his introduction to photography as a reporter with The Oak Ridger Newspaper in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. While working there, Alex learned the process of photography from start to finish including shooting, developing, and using various development techniques using black and white film, a foundation for his later work. When digital cameras became accurate enough to rival film, Alex switched to digital work and to what is called an electronic darkroom. Alex is constantly learning new techniques for handling digital images and developing new techniques on his own.

Alex received his formal artistic training at Yale where he received a BA in art. In addition, Alex studied drawing at the Corcoran School of Art, sculpture at American University. While a teenager, Alex studied with Constantine Seferlis, a stonecarver at the National Cathedral.


I use digital photographs as the beginning point for creating images rather than the end point. I employ a variety of techniques when processing an image including collage and overlay but also many techniques that I developed myself. My goal is produce images that are completely unique even if the subject matter is very familiar to viewers.