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  La Mémoire XI
Nurieh Mozaffari
Acrylic and 23 KT gold leaf on canvas
Size: 36 x 36 (art)
Price on request (C5338NM)(G)

  La Mémoire XIII
Nurieh Mozaffari
acrylic and 22K gold leaf on canvas
Size: 40 x 40
Price on request (C5679NM)(G)

  Morning in Paris IV
Nurieh Mozaffari
acrylic and 23KT gold leaf
Size: 78 x 24 (triptych)
Price on request (C4338NM) (G)

  Paris Glory IV
Nurieh Mozaffari
acrylic and 23k gold leaf on canvas
Size: 30 x 30 (art)
POR (C5340NM) (G)

  Paris Glory VI
Nurieh Mozaffari
acrylic and 23k gold leaf on canvas
Size: 48 x 48 (art)
POR (C5670NM) (S)

  Paris Glory VII
Nurieh Mozaffari
acrylic and 23KT gold leaf on canvas
Size: 60 x 48 (art)
POR (C5671NM) (S)

nurieh mozaffari
Nurieh Mozaffari was born in Iran. She started her academic training in painting at age 18, embarking on a bachelor’s degree majoring in art in Iran. Later, she completed a master’s degree in painting at Art University in 1996. Teaching in the faculty of art at a university was a natural next step. In between and subsequent to her studies, her work has appeared in many exhibitions, both joint and solo. When she moved to Canada in 1998, Nurieh pursued a diploma in jewelry design in Vancouver, BC. The program pushed her to expand her perspective of the world and allowed her to express herself three dimensionally. She has always drawn from her cultural heritage to complement her creations. Nurieh's work has been exhibited internationally since 1984. She has had twenty solo exhibitions and more than a hundred group exhibitions. Her works have been exhibited in the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art; Sad Abod Museum, Tehran; Nivran Museum, Tehran; Shohada Museum, Tehran; Azadi Museum, Tehran; Pacific Mineral Museum, Vancouver; Institut du Monde Arabe (solo exhibition), Paris; Galerie Daniel Besseiche, Paris; Galerie Daniel Besseiche, Geneva; Art Miami, New York, NY; Parish Gallery, Washington, DC; French Embassy, Washington, DC; and Susan Calloway Fine Arts, Washington, DC, among others. She has won numerous awards including from the Federation of Canadian Artists 2005; Bahman Cultural Center, Tehran 1996; Ebne-Sina Cultural Center, Tehran 1996; Empress Farah Pahlavi, Washington, DC; Peugeot family, Paris France, Municipality of West Vancouver, West Vancouver Canada; and District of West Vancouver Art Inventory Collection. Mozaffari says she can’t imagine her life without painting. Her work gives her a strong sense of self and allows her to share her innermost truth with those around her. She lives and travels between US, Canada, and Europe.

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