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  Number 30
David Bell
Mixed media on canvas mounted on panel
Size: 48 x 48 (art)
$4,600 (C6041DB) (G)

david bell
Washingtonian artist David Bell has been a creative presence in Georgetown for twenty-five years. A fine arts major at Bennington College in Vermont, David started his professional career as a painter while still in his teens in Bennington. New York art dealer and ad executive William F. Herrick was so taken with his paintings that he started representing the young artist, selling his works throughout New England. David credits Herrick with teaching him to “paint every day; perfect your craft.” Having always been attracted to the patina of age, David segued into the antiques business. He opened his eponymous store in Georgetown soon after his arrival in DC, applying his exceptional eye to this new medium. Unbeknownst to most of his retail clients, David continued producing his bold abstract paintings for designers over the years and his work has been featured in numerous newspapers and design publications. David’s stylistic range spans a wide spectrum, but his signature strength and earthiness is always present. He finds beauty in the rough and raw juxtaposed with the smooth and perfect—what he calls “visual friction.”
Susan Calloway Fine Arts | 1643 Wisconsin Ave NW | Washington DC 20007 | 202 965 4601
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