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  Approaching Bonnieux
Antonia Walker
Oil on canvas
Size: 40 x 30
Price: $4,000 (C6540AW) (G)

  Autumn View Waterford
Antonia Walker
Oil On Canvas
Size: 30 x 24 (art) 31 x 25 (frame)
Price: $2,500 (C6542AW) (S)

  Cappella At Villa Aurelia
Antonia Walker
Oil on Canvas
Size: 30 x 24 (art) 34½ x 28½ (frame)
Price: $2,500 (C6543AW) (S)

Antonia Walker
Oil on Canvas
Size: 36 x 36 (unframed)
SOLD (C6983AW)

antonia walker
Antonia Walker finds inspiration in the patterns of light and color in the landscape of the Virginia blue ridge as well as the architecture and countrysides of Italy and France. The artist received a BFA from the University of Georgia, continued with graduate studies at George Washington University, and later while living in South America, she studied drawing with Spanish artist Benjamin Saul. Recently, Walker was invited to two different residencies at the American Academy in Rome where she was provided with a studio. A visit to tour the frescoes of Pompeii suggested compositions that included figures in abstracted interiors that evoked tranquil spaces in elegant villas. Antonia recently returned from a residency at the American Academy in Rome where she was provided a studio in which to work. Her first residency in Rome was in 1998. During both trips, she traveled around Italy visiting Venice, Lake Como, Tuscany and Umbria to draw and paint, and to study the art and architecture. For several years she has gone to Provence to paint the fields and hill villages of the countryside. She has been published in many books and her works are represented in the Arts-in-Embassy program at the State Department as well as many corporate and private collections throughout the country. She travels to France and Italy frequently, teaching and painting the landscape. She currently resides in Virginia.

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